Why hire freelancers?

I’ve ‘borrowed’ parts of an editorial piece and info-graphic from the Consultancy UK website. The article provides a really interesting breakdown of why businesses use freelancers!

The piece also indicates that “Freelancers contributed £119 billion to the UK economy in 2016”. A £10 billion rise over the previous years’ figures and calculated as adding value of some £21 billion to the British economy.

According to this research 64% of businesses rely on freelancers. The highest portion of these ie., 43% admitting that they utilise contractors to manage periods of peak activity.

This enables companies to add to their headcount when busy, and decrease during off-peak periods. 37% engage freelancers to deploy ‘hard-to-find’ expertise on a non-permanent basis, only paying permanent staffing costs when directly necessary.

Why do UK businesses use freelancers?

This info-graphic also indicates that 32% of freelancers are used to meet critical deadlines. It’s a highly beneficial course to take for smaller companies who are experiencing heavier workloads. Finally, 16% said that freelancers could inject fresh thinking into a project or aspect of business.

Regardless of the perception of the sector, freelancing in the workplace looks like it is here to stay either way. 39% expect to use freelancers to grow their businesses over the next five years.

As a freelance service provider, this article provides confirmation that businesses are expecting to continue using freelancer services.

You can find the full article here:  https://www.consultancy.uk/news/18474/uk-has-2-million-freelancers-and-the-number-will-continue-to-rise

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