IT Consultancy

With a Consultancy background, we have the right kind of background to be able to thoroughly question a supplier and ‘test’ the features of potential systems.

There are many different and innovative systems in the marketplace, and the search for the right one can prove very time consuming. Whats more, viewing the many features and functions of several systems, can help ‘blur’ that selection process.

Making the wrong system choice could prove costly and cause major problems with your everyday business functions. Make the right choices and everyone will be happy!

We can work with you to review systems and help you select the “best fit” solution. We can provide practical, impartial advice on both potential Solutions and Service Providers alike.

Here’s how we could help :-

  • by reviewing your current Business Processes with internal Stakeholders
  • Produce a System Requirements Document to help potential Suppliers understand your needs.
  • Arranging a review of your current IT Infrastructure
  • Sourcing and reviewing suitable solutions with you
  • Manage the supplier’s implementation Project for you
  • Provide ongoing support and key administration services