CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM Solution Assistance

Our specialty is CRM Solutions and having worked in this market as an accredited consultant for many years, we have a breadth of knowledge to proffer around CRM implementation.

We have in-depth knowledge of  webCRM,  Gold-Vision® with its’ integrated Connect e-marketing system,® and Sage® CRM; and user experience of many other commercial cloud based CRM and e-marketing solutions.

A planned and well implemented CRM Solution can prove invaluable to your business, but so often companies either choose the wrong solution influenced by ‘smoke and mirrors’ sales techniques or invest in a CRM solution so complex,  it ‘somehow’ doesn’t work for them in the way that they wanted because no-one on the project team is technical enough to take the project forward – with the project failing to achieve the original goals.  It’s an expensive mistake to make but many companies have experienced this!

We will pick up your project at whatever stage and manage an implementation for you, we can help with:-

System Implementation (or re-implementation)

The best Implementation requires a controlled plan with consideration for all stakeholders needs; we will therefore work with your team to design workflows that will help take your business forward – not strangle it!

Our methodology includes :-

  • Reviewing workflows and refining system functionality
  • screen design – adding necessary fields and using your industry terminology to make life easier for users.
  • automation of everyday processes and links to standard Microsoft Office® documents (where required).
  • checking and cleaning data for import and upload of data in a format which will allow efficiency, easy to search, segmented for marketing etc.
  • setting up your sales pipeline, quotation tracking etc to enable reporting and user management.
  • help defining and building necessary reporting
  • and depending upon your choice of system, there may be a need to assist with additional modules such as e-marketing campaigns, contract management, support, events management etc.; these are all areas that will need additional thought.

e-Marketing services

Many CRM’s now offer integrated e-Marketing functionality or links to some very user friendly third party marketing solutions such as MailChimp®, Constant Contact® and the like; but if you don’t have the skills in-house, we can provide assistance here too – we can provide:-

  • advice and support for creating and setting-up targeted sales campaigns / newsletters etc.
  • advice on third party module selection (if e-marketing is not available within your systems).
  • help create, segment and clean your data for marketing campaigns, seminars etc.
  • provide ongoing e-marketing campaign and seminar management
  • design and build bespoke email templates

Give us a call, we are happy to discuss your requirements and there’s no obligation.