CRM Solutions Assistance

– Do you want help to find the best CRM for your needs?
– Need help to resolve issues with your current CRM?
– Do you need help to migrate to a new system

As an accredited CRM Consultant, we can offer a wealth of skills and knowledge to assist SMEs with their implementation or re-implementation of a suitable CRM solution…

Quite often the CRM chosen is unsuitable or inflexible; and after purchase you find that it needs additional and costly bespoke tailoring to better fit your requirements

Or have you found that your staff don’t use CRM at all because its made their job more cumbersome!

Regrettably, many CRM projects do fail, and it’s an expensive mistake to make. A planned re-implementation may well rescue some of these situations and this is something we can assist with.

On the whole, a well implemented solution can prove invaluable to your business processes and growth!

We provide assistance with all aspects of CRM – system planning and implementation both new implementations and re-implementations.

Areas we can assist with include:-

  • business process reviews
  • implementation processes
  • data export / cleaning / segmentation / import
  • screen design / template design / report building
  • e-marketing campaigns / templates etc.

Please feel free to chat to us about your CRM requirements – there’s no pressure selling and our recommendations will be completely unbiased.

Complete the contact form opposite and we’ll be happy to give you a call.