Why Companies Are Choosing Freelancers Over Full-Time Employees

Why Companies are choosing Freelancers over Full-Time Employees Will Lee of Business.com published a piece of editorial last year about using Freelance services and I thought that I should share it here, as it is completely relevant to the freelance services offered by ZigZag …. Article dated Jul 19, 2018 begins…. Companies are increasingly hiring […]

Why hire freelancers?

According to this research 64% of businesses rely on freelancers. The highest portion of these ie., 43% admitting that they utilise contractors to manage periods of peak activity.

This enables companies to add to their headcount when busy, and decrease during off-peak periods. 37% engage freelancers to deploy ‘hard-to-find’ expertise on a non-permanent basis, only paying permanent staffing costs when directly necessary.

Google 5-Star Reviews for ZigZag-IT

We recently produced a number of new WordPress websites (for different clients); they’ve appreciated our work by taking the time to leave us some great feedback. here’s the link to our reviews .

News & Reviews from ZigZag-IT

Welcome… It’s November (2018) and we’re launching our new website – our old one had been working hard for us for around 6+ years and was well and truly ‘ready’ for a re-vamp! But as with all situations, it’s finding the time ‘to spend some time’ on our own business marketing needs – as with […]